Parent Tools - SchoolMessenger

Northern Lights Public Schools is pleased to offer School Messenger - a communication tool available to all schools and teachers throughout the division to enhance communication between our schools, parents and students.

School Messenger allows schools, and teachers, to send messages to parents and/or students using the contact information they provided to the school when they registered. This includes:

  • automated attendance notifications via voice, email and/or text;
  • general messages from your child's teacher, school, or the school division, such as newsletters, feedback on board policies, and event notices via voice, email and/or text;
  • two-way instant messaging with your child's teacher through the School Messenger App (if the teacher is using this feature); and
  • emergency notifications including class cancellations and school closures via voice, email and/or text.

The School Messenger app, available for Apple and Android devices and accessible through a web browser on a desktop computer, allows parents to set contact preferences, view all of the messages that have been sent to them, and instant message with teachers.

Please note, to receive text messages, parents need to consent by texting Y to 978-338. More details on opting into text messages are available below.

Using the School Messenger App

Updates and Upgrades

School Messenger is continually upgrading its products and introducing new features. Northern Lights Public Schools will inform parents when there are important upgrades made to the app or new features are added. Stay tuned!